"I chose to love you because my heart wasn't giving me any other option."

Thirty-eight Reasons

"You and I both know this ring doesn't belong on that finger."

Thirty-eight Reasons

"Do you think I made the right choice?"

Thirty-eight Reasons

"I wish you nothing but pure happiness. You deserve it after loving someone like me."

Thirty-eight Reasons

But the constant lingering thought that she’s held for the last six months has made it difficult. The past never seems to go away. No matter how much she tries to run from it, Nolan Parker haunts her.

Nolan Parker finds himself with everything he could ever dream of, except one thing, the love of his life. Clara Lawrence broke his heart and now he’s slowly living a life after her. But when he sees her in his lobby months later, will they reconcile or will they pick up where they last left off, breaking each other’s hearts all over again?

thirty-eight reasons

praise for thirty-eight REASONS:

"The unfolding of Noel and Clara's story, their falling away and coming together, is one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever read."

- Amazon review

"This book, just as the first one in the series, was a roller coaster of emotions. Len's writing always makes me feel. It's strange how words can be so powerful."

- goodreads review

"Thirty- Eight Days and the sequel Thirty- Eight Reasons, are my two favorite books that I've ever ridden in my 21 short years of life on this planet."

- Amazon review

Clara Lawrence never thought one simple word could define the rest of her life. She has a decision to make. 

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