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March 26, 2017

The Olympic Team Reveal

All We Have

The Olympic Team Reveal – Bonus Chapter

Copyright © Len Webster 2016. All rights reserved.





No, I’m not kidding. This book has a ton of All We Have spoilers. If you haven’t read All We Have and plan to, please do not read. And if you’re okay for spoilers then go a head and read. 

* Unedited/subject to change – I wrote this in like an hour, so it may be a little rushed.

I hope you enjoy Rob and Ally <3 




“I still can’t believe we spent four days in Monte Carlo,” his wife, Allison, said in awe as she got out of the taxi.

Since Worlds six months ago, Robert Moors’ life took off. Well, since Allison came back to Melbourne, his life took off. It was all because of her. He’d fought his attraction to her for so long. He thought she’d be his downfall. That her reputation would ruin his chances with Rowing Australia, the Australian Olympic Committee, and his dream of going to the Olympics.


All his stumbles were because of him. For even believing that his wifecould hinder his dreams. She had made it flourish. She had been to every meet and every training session she could. She had moved to Melbourne shortly after her kidney transplant and had moved in with him. Before Worlds she had asked him to elope with her and they got married in New York. His father-in-law tore him a new one. Said that a lot of paperwork had to go through him. Allison had gotten angry at her father after they had found out. Rob hadn’t quite understood her anger until she yelled out, “I never wanted a prenup with Rob! Why do you think I wanted to elope so badly!”


As much as Rob had respected David O’Connor, he understood exactly why he was upset. Prenup saved O’Connor Investments a lot of money if he and Allison ever got divorced. Allison had said that she had no intentions of ever divorcing him. Fighting by the side of the exact lake Rob had become world champion was something else. His brother, Julian, had tried to break thetension by hugging David O’Connor and telling him ‘Welcome to the family, Dad!’ Stevie had been the one to tell him that he was not, in fact, David O’Connor’s son-in-law.

Rob had no problems signing a prenup if one landed in his hands. His wife was the millionaire, not him. He was still a sales manager and loved hisjob. Loved his career as a professional rower. Especially now that he was world champion.

The Olympics were seven months away.

He’d come all the way to Bordeaux to train for the Olympics with hiscoach, Daniel. Rob’s wife, though he fought her, had come along. She’d purchasedan apartment not too close to the training facilities he used daily. Bordeauxwas beautiful. Watching Allison’s eyes widen in complete awe was even more beautiful. She loved it here. If he hadn’t known how much she loved Melbourne,Julian (though she hated admitting it) and Steve, he’d tell her that they’d move here. They had seen as many sights as they could in the first few days of their arrival. CathédraleSt-André had been Allison’s favourite.

For Valentine’s Day, he’d surprised her with a trip to Monte Carlo. One, to be romantic. Two, he needed a good rest break from his crazy training schedule. And three, to get Allison’s mind off the upcoming Australian Rowing team announcements. The team would be announced at the Sydney International Regatta. But for Rob, he had decided not to compete. Instead deciding to train in France. It was all Allison could think of while in Bordeaux. Though, she worked from the apartment on everything O’Connor Investments, she still had plenty oftime in the day to worry over the selections.

He’d laugh when she’d try to assure him that he’d be picked.

Rob had no doubt he’d be selected as Australia’s rower for the men’s single scull race at the Olympics. However, he wasn’t sure. Now that Petenski was fit and racing even better than before, Rob couldn’t get his hopes up.

If not this Olympics.

The next.

But he’d be thirty.

An injury in between could ruin his career.

Tokyo 2020 seemed a long ways away.

Merci,” Rob said to their taxi driver as he set their bags on the stoned footpath.

He’d tried to learn as much French as possible throughout their almost two month stay. But he’d made a mess of it. He stuck to the basic. His wife, spoke French as fluently as Stevie. It was mesmerising to watch her order forthem, or speak to their neighbours.

Allison pulled their apartment key from her handbag with a yawn. It was just after four a.m. and they were getting home hours later than scheduled. Their flight had been delayed several times.

Rob lifted the handles of their luggage and pushed them towards her. Allison’s hand reached out for hers, but Rob pulled it away.

“You’re tired.”

“I can push my own suitcase, Robbie,” she said, annoyed.

Six months into their marriage, and he still loved her with the same ferociousness she had the night he had met her.

Since she had moved to Melbourne from Sydney, and made that stupid deal with her father, she had become more independent and sure of herself. She was the Allison he saw that was fighting to be freed.

She became the woman she wanted to be.

Free without restraints.

An operations executive and not a socialite.

A wife and not someone he had left behind for the Olympics.

Rob stepped forward and kissed her cheek. “Let’s get you to bed. You get grumpy when you’re tired.”

She glared at him, the street lights showcasing her annoyance. “You’re lucky I love you.”

He laughed as he let go of the suitcase and cupped her face. Her hazel eyes bore into his and made his heart twitch. It was always her. Always would be her. Gold medal or not, he’d love her. He was content with a life beinghers. A life where he was her husband. That was a life he wanted.

She had made him a good man.

A man his mother would be proud of.

“I’m blessed to have you loveme,” he had whispered before his lips met hers.


Allison had checked her blood pressure before she had slipped into her pjs and then went to bed. Rob had stood by and watched her, making sure that she did check. Though, her transplant had been a success, doctors had encouraged her to live her life as if her health could take a turn. She was still taking medication every day. And it made him and her bodyguard, Serge, worry less. Serge returned to Sydney, though still her bodyguard, he was busy dating Veronica and helping her raise her young daughter, CeCe.

Tonight, Allison’s blood pressure was still in the green.

Still healthy.

And still very happy.

Each night she’d have him stand next to their bed and she’d set her palm over his scar. The same scar he’d gotten after he’d donated his kidney to her. Then she’d whisper, ‘I am alive and am loved because of you. I love you, Robbie.”

And each night she made him a worthy man.

Rob had yawned as he glanced at the clock on his Macbook. It was almost five a.m. and he was impatiently waiting to hear the team selections. That and he owed Quinn a glance over the upcoming sales representation procedural changes.

“God, Quinn can talk a lot of shit,” Rob mumbled as he glanced over tosee Allison snuggled up and still asleep.

Snug as a damn bug.

Then, a beeping sound caught his attention. He hoped it was good news. News that told him that all his hard work, and all of Allison’s scarifies, had been worth it. He set his laptop on the floor. Then Rob reached over and picked up his phone off the bedside table to see Daniel’s name flashing on the screen. Daniel had gone back to Australia to be with his wife for Valentine’sDay and to also be his representation at the Sydney International Regatta.

Quickly answering the call, Rob held the phone to his ear. “Hello,” he said quietly, ensuring he didn’t wake up his tired wife.

“Rob, the selections are out,” Daniel had said. “Kristen won’t be representing Australia at the Olympics for the women’s single scull.”

“What?” Rob had blurted out. He peeked over to see that Allison hadn’t stirred. Eyes still closed and breathing still the same. “But she’s the Australian champion. She came second at Worlds.”

Daniel let out a sigh. “Yeah, but apparently not good enough. They reckon Jessie Welter could win them the gold.”

“That’s bullshit. Kristen’s my training partner in Melbourne. I’ve been training with her. She can beat me at a 2,000 metre row.”

“I saw Petenski,” Daniel said.

Rob’s heart stopped.

He knew Petenski would be at the regatta. He wanted to win it. Provethat he was a contender for the Olympics. But the way Daniel had weaved Petenski into the conversation could only mean one thing.

“I didn’t get selected, did I?”

Daniel went quiet.

“Robbie?” Allison said softly.

Rob glanced down to see her looking at him. The lamp he’d left on gave him the perfect view of the sad gleam in her hazel eyes.

He just shook her head to tell her that he hadn’t made it to the Olympic team.

Allison quickly sat up and set her cheek on his shoulder as her arms wrapped around him. “There’s still Tokyo and the World Cups.”

Rob tilted his head to rest against hers. “I know. Hopefully, I’ll still be young enough for Tokyo.” Then he sucked in a deep breath. “Thanks, Dan. I’ll call you tomorrow. I’ll see you back here when you’re ready.”

“Sorry, Rob. We’ll get them next time,” Daniel had said before he hung up.

Then Rob let his phone fall to his lap.

His Olympic dream had hit another hurdle.

“I’m sorry, Allison,” he said softly.

The arms that wrapped around him tightened. “Why are you sorry? It’s Rowing Australia that should be sorry. You’re world champion.”

“It’s not enough to make the Olympic team.”

“Is…” She took a shaky breath. “Is this because you’re married to me?”

He tensed at her question.

Rob quickly shifted in the bed just as his wife removed her arms from around him. Her teary eyes broke his heart. When the media had gotten word that they were dating, a lot of press were on them. As expected, Rowing Australia were not impressed and the Australian Olympic Committee had distanced themselves. But Rob hadn’t needed to explain himself, he did that on the water.In fact, he proved that with Allison by his side he could be a success.

And he’d become world champion.

But for Allison, she’d been consumed by guilt. More lies had hit the papers, but when they hadn’t retaliated, they eventually became old news.

After he had won Worlds, they became a fairytale for the papers.

The world champion and the former socialite.

“No,” he breathed as he took her hands. “No. This is not because I’m married to you.”

“But you’re world champion… How could… they … not pick you,” she had said in between her sniffles and tears.

“Kristen wasn’t chosen either,”he said.

Allison flinched. “But she’s the national champion.”

“Yeah,” he said with a nod.

Allison and Kirsten had become good friends since Kirsten had become his training partner. Kristen had helped him train for Worlds after he had recovered from his transplant surgery.

His wife’s arms were around his neck as she hugged him. “You worked so hard.”

He chuckled. “So did Petenski. He deserves it, too.”

“I know, but…”

Rob cupped the back of her head. “I know I promised you Rio and I’m sorry. I’ll get us to Tokyo. You made so many sacrifices for me and the Olympics, and I couldn’t even make the team. You came all the way to France formy training and it was a waste.”

“I’d follow you anywhere I have to. I’m your wife.”

He smiled as he set his hands on her shoulders and pulled her back. “As my wife, you’re allowed to fight me on where we go. You don’t have to come to France or South Africa. You don’t have to leave what you’re doing at home to bewith me.”

She rolled her eyes. “We made that deal, when we eloped, that I’d go where you go. Actually, it was a vow. And vows are worth more than deals.”

“Another four more years of following me?”

She nodded. “Another four. And then another four after that.”

He let out a laugh. “Allison, I think Tokyo would be my last chance. I’llbe thirty.”

She got on her knees and then brushed back his brown hair. “Mahé Drysdale, your hero, was thirty-three when he won gold in London. He’s thirty-seven and still competing to get to Rio. Don’t you dare tell me that Tokyo is your last chance when you have 2022. Don’t give up on your dreams. It’s just a hurdle. You and Kristen will get to Tokyo and then to whatever city they pick for the Olympic Games after that.”

“But we’ll never settle down and—”

She shook her head. “This is our marriage. Just because we travel a lotfor your training doesn’t mean we haven’t settled down. I’m a world champion rower’s wife. This is what I signed up for. Now, turn off that lamp and let actually sleep in tomorrow. Then I’ll let you teach me how to actually row one of those single sculls.”

Rob kissed her. “That a deal?”

Allison nodded and brought his forehead to her lips. Then she whispered, “A definite deal.”

To be continue…


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