"You're my favourite sometimes moments. Not the things we did, but you. All of you."

Sometimes Moments

"You choose who deserves to be near your light. And you choose who loves or who hurts you in this world."

Sometimes Moments

"Remember that forgiveness is always earned and never a right."

Sometimes Moments

"Life is a cluster of sometimes moments, more beautiful when more are grouped together."

Sometimes Moments

Growing up, Peyton Spencer fell in love with the boy across the road, Callum Reid. As the years went by, it only made sense that they would wind up being completely and utterly infatuated with each other. That was, until the morning Peyton wakes up to find Callum packing up and leaving the small town they lived in. Left heartbroken and with no explanation, Peyton spends the next four years of her life without him, ensuring they never cross paths again.

At seventeen and months after Callum leaves her, Peyton buries her parents—feeling more alone than ever before. Now at twenty-one, she’s inherited the family hotel, The Spencer-Dayle. Just when she thinks life couldn’t get more complicated, the one person that shattered her heart, soul and belief returns. For Peyton, his return opens up all her old wounds and resurfaces the memories she’s tried to forget.

He’s not the same boy she once fell in love with. He’s guarded and keeps secrets close to him. Peyton knows her life will begin to unravel. Untold truths will finally come to light. Whether or not Peyton wants to hear it, the truth will undoubtedly break her heart all over again.

Sometimes moments

praise for sometimes Moments:

"Oh, this story right here had me crying like a baby. I had no idea how much this was going to affect me and I'm just at a loss for words, and still in tears!"

- 6 stars, Give me books

"Not Nicholas Sparks, Not The Fault in Our Stars, none compare to my emotions after reading Len Webster’s masterpiece."

- Book lit love

"This book is full of emotion ...the words hit you straight in your heart and the author has a way with these words that will make you feel as if you're experiencing the pain or love or laughter and lightness that is written."

- goodreads review

One blink, One breath of air, One moment in time … 
Could change your life forever. 

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