The first touch of sunlight

"My favourite colour was blue, like the water, but now, it's you. My favourite colour is the first touch of sunlight."

the first touch of sunlight

"Easily one of my favorite books of the year so far. This is not your cookie cutter book. I loved it."

- M.E. Carter, author of the Texas Mutiny Series

Destined to fall apart before their lips have even touched, Samuel Michaels and Meredith Driessen have seven years of almosts between them.

Seven years ago, a night by the river would bind them together. Seven years ago, Sam’s entire world blew up before his eyes.

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it's all about

the books by len

my josh. his beth. someone else's meredith.


the wait for you

"I went on the romantic journey with Rowan and Kay - all their highs and lows, I felt every single one."

- Nicandbooks

Kay Roberts likes her life uncomplicated. Her completely lifeless, routined, and safe life.

For Kay, safe means being alone.
Except when a favour lands her in Rowan St James' path, and threatens her idea of safe.
Kay has never known a man as forward as Rowan. Never known a man who looks at her the way he does. And has never known determination quite like Rowan St James.

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a standalone