"I want your heart to scorch mine. To set mine alight. To be a blaze only you can control."

all we have

"Your dreams will never include me. My dreams only consist of you."

all we have

"The little white lies gave me hope. They breathed life in me when I couldn't."

all we have

"I let mistake after mistake break her. She sacrificed everything me, and I gave her nothing."

all we have

Yet, Allison O’Connor wants nothing more than to escape from its grasps. The infamous Kings Cross bores her. And in order to stay clear of the lifestyle that slowly chokes her, she decides it’s times to finally become an adult and move to Melbourne. It also means going after the one man that she can’t quite forget. But in doing so, Ally soon discovers that moving to Melbourne could spark the biggest fight she’s ever faced: The fight for Robert Moors’ reluctant heart.

Robert Moors has one thing on his mind: making the Australian National Rowing Team and with that, The Olympic Team. All he’s done is train and ensure no distractions get in the way of achieving his dream. However, Fate has other plans. And her name, Allison O’Connor. The young socialite’s all sorts of trouble that Rob and his image doesn’t need. But staying away from her is a lot harder than he’s ever imagined. She’s everything he never knew he needed. And she’s everything that could obliterate his career and his chance at The Olympics.

They both have choices to make.

But with all choices comes consequences. And some consequences will destroy everything they worked hard to create and call theirs.

all we have

praise for ALL WE HAVE:

"I fell for Rob and Allison from the very first few pages and was addicted to their beautiful journey to happiness."


"My heart feels heavy yet lighter; my spirit more free than it's ever been. She writes books that are complex in their simplicity, and you can tell they come from somewhere special."

- books to breathe

"Wow! How do you describe a book you just want to hug and keep forever? I am in love with anything Len Webster writes. This book was no different. The magic that the author delivers with each of her characters is something not everyone can do. "

- badass reads

Sydney. The ‘it’ capital of Australia.

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